Why You Should Focus On Database Security

Why You Should Focus On Database Security

Why You Should Focus On Database Security

Why You Should Focus On Database Security
Big data is on the rise and with it are the number of databases you’ll find in any given business. Data is the life blood of any business but nevertheless, It’s clear that most businesses today still manage database security by the seats of their pants. The majority of businesses do not monitor their databases at all and even more troubling, most don’t even know where their data resides.

Before a business can protect its data, it has to know where it is but many security teams are finding it difficult to track their data across numerous disparate databases. Security must adapt to keep pace with the sheer volume of databases that are running these days by systematically monitoring their activity to truly gain visibility into who is accessing what data.

The most common cause of database vulnerabilities is a lack of due care at the moment they are implemented. Although any given database is tested for functionality and sustainability, very few checks are made to check the database is not doing things it should not be doing. Many of today’s nastiest breaches occur at the hands of hackers who take advantage of database and web application vulnerabilities to break into sensitive data stores.

Ultimately the weaknesses found in database security today is an administrative rather than a database technology problem. Security teams and database administrators need to develop consistent practices for looking after databases. Security controls such as, the segregation of duties, can make life much more difficult for insider threats. In addition, limiting and controlling administrator privileges can make attackers have to work that much harder to take complete control of a host running a database.

Database security is no easy task, but well-planned and procedural supported documentation and automation for hardening, tracking, and controlling changes can ensure data, whether financial, intellectual property, or corporate secrets, is contained and kept secure.

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