The 8 Hottest Security Jobs of 2015

The 8 Hottest Security Jobs of 2015

There is an unprecedented demand for highly-skilled professionals capable of building holistic programs, security into new and existing networks, assessing security on a real-time basis as new vulnerabilities are identified and disclosed, and acting as front-line defenders across various industries. Meanwhile, the number of entrants into the workforce has not kept up with this demand, leaving a significant gap in capacity to adequately protect businesses from attacks. At the same time, the lack of clarity and consistency in job profiles, competency models, skills assessment contribute to a sub-optimal deployment of these scarce resources. Openly Secure has built upon the work of previous efforts to identify and validate the hottest security jobs, the top eight list of roles define the apex of professional skill in the field:   1. Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) / Chief Security Officer (CSO)  A CISO/CSO is a C-level management executive whose primary task is to oversee the general operations of an organization’s IT security department and other related staff. The organization’s overall security is the foremost concern of the CISO/CSO. As such, persons who aspire to become a CISO/CSO must demonstrate a strong background in IT strategy and security architecture. 2. Application Security Engineer / Architect Application Security Engineer / Architect is a mid to high-level employee who requires the demonstrated technical abilities necessary to conduct operational testing of applications before initial deployment and as they are subsequently updated. Competence is assessed on the ability to identify the program avenues most riddled with flaws and holes that give malicious actors access to important content or systems. Applications from the web are particularly vulnerable to malicious exploitation, frequently infecting...
3 Tips For Learning Security

3 Tips For Learning Security

I get a lot of questions regarding where exactly to start when trying to get into security and frankly, that’s a very important question as today’s security job market is extremely competitive. If you want to be taken seriously you need to learn something! The first thing you should understand about security is that it is big- I mean really, really, really big. There are thousands upon thousands of specialty tracks in security that can range from watching security camera feeds, ensuring physical barriers are in place around a data center, sensitive network traffic is properly encrypted between endpoints, validating and sampling technical and operational controls for compliance, and the list goes on. The point I am trying to make is that there are countless opportunities out there for you that fit your specific skill sets. You don’t have to code to work in the field of security much like you don’t have to watch security camera feeds to be in the field of security. One of the foremost think tanks in security is a man named Bruce Schneier and he provides excellent advice for anyone learning to get into computer security but the this can apply across multiple domains:   Study. Studying can take many forms. It can be classwork, either at universities or at training conferences like SANS and Offensive Security. (These are good self-starter resources.) It can be reading; there are a lot of excellent books out there — and blogs — that teach different aspects of computer security out there. Don’t limit yourself to computer science, either. You can learn a lot by studying other areas...

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