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We offer a full suite of services that can help you define your security strategy, eliminate redundant practices, deploy the right technology, identify contextual vulnerabilities, threats, and risks, and make compliance a natural outcome of your daily security activities.


Tailored Openly Secure solutions


Comprehensive security assessments


Holistic security architecture and design


Decisive third party risk management


Actionable strategic security planning


Trusted security project management


Governance, risk, and compliance expertise


Risk-based computer system validation

Knowledge and Know-How from the Team Transforming Today’s Fragmented Security World into the Next Generation of Security Expertise

Tailored Openly Secure Solutions

Openly Secure is taking an active role in bridging the gap from security ambiguity to security transparency by delivering tools and resources that guide and support security best practices and experiences that help individuals make sense of a security world increasingly shaped by ambiguity. We engineered our Openly Secure Platform’s tailored solutions to extend directly to individuals and businesses in order to advance their security capability with Openly Secure’s visualizations, tailored video, automated tools, and unparalleled insight.

Security Assessment

Security success necessitates that organizations continuously assess their security capability to ensure their customers, partners, and intellectual property is properly safeguarded. At Openly Secure, We align our security assessment approach to the context of an organization to help you identify vulnerabilities, threats, risks, and compliance requirements. Our flexible methodology can be tailored to any framework or standard including but, not limited to: NIST, ISO/IEC, and CSC.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Evolving regulatory compliance requirements coupled with an increasingly distributed workforce and diversification of IT infrastructures have made GRC a complex and dynamic challenge for organizations. At Openly Secure, we recognize that your ability to develop, execute, and reliably govern security activities is ultimately dependent on your understanding of the business operations and security risks. We apply our considerable expertise to help you scope, define, coordinate, and succeed at all levels of GRC.

Security Strategy and Planning

In today’s hyper-connected world, managing security effectiveness and efficiency is critical for organizations. To ensure security success, your executive leadership team and board of directors must understand and visualize your security vision and strategy. At Openly Secure, we leverage our industry-specific expertise to create pragmatic and tailored security strategies that bridge your businesses strategy and technical needs to your security objectives.

Security Architecture

Organizations today depend on a vast number of interconnected systems, applications, and business-level operations to succeed in their security objectives. At Openly Secure, we understand the complexities involved in developing, sustaining, and changing enterprise and security architectures. Our tried and tested security architecture methodology, tools, reference models, frameworks, and techniques helps organizations identify and map their security objectives and requirements to their business needs and enterprise architecture.

Security Project Management

The accelerated pace of change in technology with its security dependencies can inhibit organizations from successfully starting and managing their security projects to completion. At Openly Secure, we understand the value of balancing opportunity and challenge with each security project. We combine our project management expertise, product knowledge, and industry familiarity with a dedication to understand and work with your specific needs to create achievable security project plans.

Additional Services

Organizations require flexible and tailored solutions to satisfy the ever-growing volume of compliance and security requirements relative to their industry and business needs. At Openly Secure, we provide security consultation and advisement services ranging from the integration of security technologies, creation and delivery of role-based security training and organization-wide security awareness training, and custom security services that provide the right expertise and security outcomes for you.

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