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Cybersecurity is Enveloped in Ambiguity

In every corner of the world across every dimension of technology, there is an unprecedented growth in the users connecting to cyberspace. As the world’s use and reliance on cyberspace grows, so too grows our individual and global cyber vulnerability. In recent years, cybersecurity threats have accelerated and grown in significance, scale, scope, and sophistication…

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The 8 Hottest Security Jobs of 2015

There is an unprecedented demand for highly-skilled professionals capable of building holistic programs, security into new and existing networks, assessing security on a real-time basis as new vulnerabilities are identified and disclosed, and acting as front-line defenders across various industries. Meanwhile, the number of entrants into the workforce has not kept up with this demand, leaving a significant gap in capacity to…

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How Security Leaders Succeed

Security teams rely on the ability to learn skills and process information on-the-fly to meet expectations from stakeholders across the business and combat an ever evolving persistent threat. One of the critical contributors to any security program’s success is skill availability. While technical experts and vendors have done great work building cybersecurity solutions, a businesses security program is nothing without the right people and…

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Top 5 Worst Security Practices

When it comes to security the basic and most common security practices work far better than any security product advertises and this is the reality that seasoned security professionals live in. This isn’t going to change for security anytime soon and you can expect the status quo for security of purchasing and deploying products that will never live up to their claim of protection to continue. We hope to be a voice of reason for security by shedding some light on the issue with the top 10 widespread…

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3 Tips For Learning Security

I get a lot of questions regarding where exactly to start when trying to get into security and frankly, that’s a very important question as today’s security job market is extremely competitive. If you want to be taken seriously you need to learn something! The first thing you should understand about security is that it is big- I mean really, really, really big. There are thousands upon thousands of specialty tracks in security that can range from watching security camera feeds, ensuring physical barriers are…

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Why You Should Focus On Database Security

Big data is on the rise and with it are the number of databases you’ll find in any given business. Data is the life blood of any business but nevertheless, It’s clear that most businesses today still manage database security by the seats of their pants. The majority of businesses do not monitor their databases at all and even more troubling, most don’t even know where their data resides. Before a business can protect its data, it has to know where it is but many security….

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